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A common but pathetic question from most new website owners is “how to get traffic to a website?” There’re various ways of increasing website traffic. But do you realize that not all traffic is targeted traffic? If you want to convert web traffic into the web dollar, you must get site targeted traffic. Targeted web traffic is the key to the conversion of sales.

Joint Venture (“JV”) is certainly a great way to get site targeted traffic. If you have just started out and do not have a list of targeted online customers then seek help from a JV partner. Just make sure your JV partner has the list of your potential targeted online customers. Get your JV partner to send an email to his list to promote your website. In return, you offer him an attractive commission incentive if there is any conversion of sales. This method allows you to get targeted traffic instantly.

Another powerful and effective way to get targeted traffic is through article marketing. Do not ever underestimate this method. It is definitely one of the great ways to get traffic for your website. All you have to do is just constantly submit keywords rich articles to various article directories. Now, what is the craziest way to get site targeted traffic?

The craziest way is through free web traffic tools. Yes, the revolutionary free web traffic tools out there. Can you imagine you could easily get website traffic just by signing-up and just by following some simple steps in promoting your website? With such a crazy way to get site targeted traffic. Computer Technology Articles, traffic generation quest no longer need to be a daunting task. Leverage on revolutionary technology to get targeted web traffic.

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